NetAddr-IP / Makefile.PL
use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
# See lib/ExtUtils/ for details of how to influence
# the contents of the Makefile that is written.

my $checker = 0;

print qq{
This build requires a C compiler by default - A slower, pure Perl
version that does not require compilation of XS code can be used
instead, by invoking this as

  perl Makefile.PL -noxs

} unless grep { m/-noxs/ } @ARGV;

eval q{ use Test::Pod;
	$checker = 1; };

unless ($checker)
    print <<EOF;

Looks like this host does not have Test::Pod installed. Without this module,
the Pod documentation cannot be tested. This is not a big deal really, but
you might want to install Test::Pod by issuing the following command:

    perl -MCPAN -e "install('Test::Pod')"

at a nearby shell. This is nice because it allows easy tests of your own


$checker = 0;

eval q{ use Pod::Coverage;
	$checker = 1; };

unless ($checker)
    print <<EOF;

You might want to install Pod::Coverage, so that coverage of the
documentation can be properly tested. You can do so by typing the

    perl -MCPAN -e "install('Pod::Coverage')"


print <<EOF;

W A R N I N G - Please do read below if you have legacy code

Versions 3.21 and above of NetAddr::IP, include hooks for the Storable
class that are incompatible with the old (automatic) method of storing
data. To regain backwards compatibility, the module must be use()d as

    use NetAddr::IP ':old_storable';

Which will disable the new hooks and revert back to the old ways.

If you do  not use Storable along NetAddr::IP or  just don't know what
this all means, most likely you're safe to go along.

Versions before 3.25 recognized by default IP addresses as returned by
inet_aton. This is no longer the default. To enable this behaviour
again, the module must be use()d as

    use NetAddr::IP ':aton';


my %makeparms = (
#	      (MM->can('signature_target') ? (SIGN => 1) : ()),    
	      'NAME'		=> 'NetAddr::IP',
	      'VERSION_FROM'	=> '', # finds $VERSION
	      'PREREQ_PM'		=> {
		  Test::More => 0,
		}, # e.g., Module::Name => 1.1
	      ($] >= 5.005 ?    ## Add these new keywords supported since 5.005
	       (ABSTRACT_FROM	=> '',
		AUTHOR     	=> 'Luis E. Muñoz <>') : ()),
		clean		=> { FILES    => "*~ tmp*"},